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Find out the paternity of your child

Under the new law, I may be able to get you the relief you have long dreamed.


What new law?


It was commonly referred to as Senate Bills 140 and 141 and it is now known as Mo. Revised Statute 210.854   Read a section of it below.


In the event of the entry of a judgment or judgments of paternity and support, whether entered in one judgment or separately, a person against whom such a judgment or judgments have been entered may file a petition requesting a circuit court with jurisdiction over the subject child or children to set aside said judgment or judgments in the interests of justice and upon the grounds set forth in this section. Such a petition may be filed at any time prior to December 31, 2011. After that date, the petition shall be filed within two years of the entry of the original judgment of paternity and support or within two years of entry of the later judgment in the case of separate judgments of paternity and support and shall be filed in the county which entered the judgment or judgments of paternity and support.


What does this mean?


It means there is hope for fathers that have been stuck paying child support for children that are not biologically theirs, no matter how long they been under the support order.


Who does it apply to?


All men that are paying child support for children of which they are not the biological father.


I signed the birth certificate; can this law still help me?




What can this law do for me?


(1) It could terminate a previous or existing child support order; (2) Extinguish any existing child support arrearage also known as "Back Support"; (3) remove your name from the birth certificate; (4) help you expunge a previous conviction of criminal non-support.


How to get the process started?


Call us at Jones Law, 314-361-7200


Here at Jones Law, we offer comprehensive legal help. We can get you a court-order that requires the mother to produce the child for testing, if she is unwilling to do so voluntarily. We offer competent legal representation throughout the process. We offer paternity testing through Peace of Mind Genetics that utilizes court approved testing methods to ensure that your test results are completely accurate and reliable.  


We offer all of this for ONE LOW FLAT FEE, and we are flexible with payment arrangements.

Paternity testing document

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